Wave One - Iconic Commercial Establishment to Establish Your Business

Are you too much involved in real estate investment? Instead of buying residential property, why don’t you consider buying a commercial property this time? To improve you investment portfolio, you can opt to buy business space in Delhi NCR. Over the last few years, the real estate market of the area has seen tremendous growth. This means you will surely gain a good return on investment by investing your money in a potential commercial establishment, the options for which are countless. The prominent Wave Infratech has come up with a high-end commercial project in the area, Wave One.
Going by the size, Wave One is a forty-one storey commercial building, which is the tallest project in the entire NCR region. Nestled in one of the most prospective locations of Noida, sector -18, this tower will impart an experience like none other. It is hardly a few minutes’ drive from Delhi and is also connected to other parts of the NCR region. Besides, the metro station is 5 minutes’ walk from the location. The iconic structure of the building makes it the perfect place to buy business space in Delhi NCR.
Wave One - A Prospective Investment Option
If you take a look at the impressive commercial buildings in Delhi NCR, you will certainly be able to make a list of the most magnificent structures. But when it comes to Wave One, there is no structure like it till date. This building boasts of 41 floors, out of which 27 floors are designated for office spaces. To suffice the parking of a huge number of cars for all owners and visitors, there are 8 floors reserved exclusively for parking facility. The remaining 6 floors are occupied by retail shops and multiplex.
To buy a business space in Delhi NCR within Wave One, you need to have a brief knowledge about the different categories of office spaces in the project. Read on:
  1. Platinum - Booking a space in the Platinum Office of the project will let you enjoy the most premium facilities, including dedicated car parking, exclusive elevator access, sky gardens, double height business lounge and membership to Czarea.
  2. Gold - Just like other office categories, Gold offices will also include functional areas. Apart from this, it will also enjoy exclusive elevator access and membership to Czarea.
  3. Silver - Buying Silver office spaces will restrict you from enjoying other luxury facilities like Platinum and Gold offices. But you will be liable to use the available functional spaces well.
Undoubtedly, Wave One is a project that will give power to your much-needed investment portfolio. Whether you are planning to buy a house for end use or to further put it on lease, this iconic tower will definitely prove to be a wonderful investment choice for you.