Buying Commercial and Retail Spaces in Noida

Noida is one of the major destinations for commercial property buyers. This city is home to a large number of offices and retail stores. In recent years, a number of commercial projects have come up that offer a wide variety of commercial spaces. 

When it comes to constructing residential as well as commercial spaces, no company does it better than Wave Infrastructure. They have come up with Wave One- an iconic 41 storey commercial complex in Sector 18, Noida. 

Commercial spaces are a specialty of Wave Infrastructure as they have good experience in building all types of commercial spaces, from retail to office. Noida commercial property in Sector 18 will see a reflection of the great features employed by the company.

Retail Space

Retail commercial space is all about giving the perfect mall experience to the customers. Wave One has one of the best retail malls which would not only have outlets of all the top brands but will also give the experience of European street shopping. Some of the notable features of its retail commercial space are:

· A mall that is being built on 16900 sq. m.
· 4 entrances
· High street retail shops
· 20 m long sidewalk
· Integrated entertainment and food shopping

Office Space

An important part of a commercial space is the office spaces that are housed within. Wave One ensures that the office spaces that are housed within its complex have the right blend of luxury and style so that big organizations can easily accommodate their offices there. Some of the office spaces also come with sky gardens which can be used as huddle spaces, cafeterias or even informal meeting joints. Some of the other prominent features of these office spaces are: 

· Premium specification
· Luxurious entrance and lobby waiting area
· Private terraces on every floor
· Exclusive elevator access
· A floor dedicated to parking spaces

So, if you are looking for a commercial property that has the right blend of modernity as well as infrastructural superiority, then the Wave One commercial spaces can be an ideal choice for you.