Factors to consider while procuring a Commercial Space in Multiplex Food Court

Purchasing a space within a food court, located inside a commercial centre, is similar to purchasing a commercial property. Although, the space will be designated as an eatery, yet all aspects of the transaction will be same as purchasing a commercial property. You will have to apply for a commercial loan in order to purchase this space. Hence, it is essential that you purchase this food court space, only if the property has been pre-approved, by banks and financial institutions for commercial loans. Some other factors, to be considered while purchasing a food court have been discussed below.
Purchasing a Commercial Space in a Multiplex Food Court
The area of a commercial food court space that you wish to purchase will depend upon the type of eatery you want to set up. If you are thinking of setting up a high end restaurant, then you will have to purchase a bigger space in the food court of the multiplex. However, if you want to set up a takeaway counter, then the commercial space or area that you require will be much less than a fine dining restaurant. While purchasing the food court space take into consideration the following points:
The entire food court should have an area of more than forty thousand square feet. The extensive open area will ensure that a huge number of diners can sit at the same time, in the food court.
The food court should have an adjoining multiplex. This will ensure that there is increased number of footfalls, to the eateries in the food court.  
Hence, it is essential to evaluate all the facilities available in the commercial centre, wherein the foot court is located. Excellent amenities and facilities will ensure a higher number of customers, to your food court eatery or self service restaurant.